Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We will be meeting as teams for 1 hour of every class between now and the final presentations. Each class will have to have a set of "deliverables."

April 1 - discuss locations and ideas. Something that integrates the interests and concerns of the team members. During the week, visit the sites to consider the possibilities.

April 8 - research and history of site. Concept ideas for project. Decide if it will have a web component or something that needs to be posted in advance (ads on Craig's List, etc.) Locations set and presentation schedule will be worked out.

April 15 - All pre-presentation web ads etc. need to be posted by this date. Class will be devoted to project development and David and I will meet with all the teams while they are working.

April 22 - 3 teams present

April 29 - 3 teams present. All Manifestos due and will be posted to your blogs. Anyone not posting their manifesto to the blog will get an automatic F for the final assignment.

May 5 or 6 - In the final week before this class, we will read all the manifestos and make comments on the blogs. This will fuel the final critique and wrap up.

Location Choices

These sites AND/OR the one block radius of these sites:

Willow Grove Cemetery

New Brunswick Train Station

Henry Guest House

Bayard Street Post Office

Monument Square

Mt. Zion AME church

State Theater

Zimmerli Art Museum

Schank Observatory

C-Town grocery store

Final Project Teams

Mariam - leader

Danielle - leader
Stephanie Schulman

Naemah - leader

Daniel Weingrad - leader
Steph Danbrowney

Cassandra - leader
Amanda Downs

Gaby - leader

The Surprise

David Gordon will be in our class for the rest of the semester. If you would like to know more about our surprise, check out this link.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Audio Moblog

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Audio Moblog

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Audio Moblog

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Google MyMaps - How to

Go to Google – Maps.

You will see the options for Get Directions or MyMaps.

Go to Google – Maps.

Click on MyMaps

Click on Create New Map

You will be able to give a title to your map and a description. You will also have a complete set of tools available in the Map area (see hand, balloon, line or shaded area). You can drip a balloon on any location and you can use the lines to connect the balloons or to create a route or radius. And you can move everything with the hand.

You can also select your privacy settings for public or private.

If you move a balloon icon to a location that you choose, a little menu will present itself. You can give the location a name and description. If you click on RICH TEXT on top of the text box, you will get a full blog toolbar. If you would like to add a photo, you can link it from Flickr by clicking on the Picture Icon and adding the url from the Flickr picture (Click on the image in Flcikr and then All Sizes, and url will be on the bottom of the page).

So, in other words, if this is going to be a photo story, you have to upload your images to Flickr..

You can always go back and edit the Map.

If you need more help, contact me: hanaiver@gmail.com

World Trade Center Sonic Memorial

Here is the link for the World Trade Center Sonic Memorial. There is a lot of interesting audio in this site. A great on-line ephemeral memorial of a place that was vaporized. The virtual location of this memorial seems very fitting to the event.


Janet Cardiff - Walks

Here is the link for Janet Cardiff and her husband Georges Bures Miller. If you look at the site and listen to some of the audio, I think you will find it interesting. It may give you some ideas for your own projects.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tim Hawkinson - Face

The artist I was looking for was Tim Hawkinson. I got the name changed as I have *no* memory and I had just mentioned Mary Hawkesworth.

Here is a great video (1 minute) on Art 21 about Emotor - his motorized face:


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Audio Moblog

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Audio Moblog

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